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December 29th, 2019, 3:00PM

San Antonio Recorder Society

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About Early Music

What is early music?

Early music is defined as European classical style of music from the Medieval, Renaissance, or Baroque period. The earliest of this style of music is Medieval, which is European music composed during the Middle Ages. This period started with the fall of the Roman Empire in 476 AD and ended around the 1400s. Renaissance music came next. The beginning period of Renaissance music generally is placed between the 1300s to late 1400s. The Baroque music era came in when the Renaissance music period ended in the 1600s. The term "baroque" means irregular shape - this style of music is extravagantly ornate and florid. This musical era ended in the late 1700s.

Early Musical Instruments

Medieval musical instruments varied from cornett (which are similar to trumpet) to flutes, gemshorn, and recorders made out of wood. There were also hand plucked instruments such as lute, mandorra, gittern, and psaltery. Many of the Renaissance musical instruments, such as flutes and cornett, were similar to that of the Medieval period. Reed instruments such as shawm, korholt, and rauschpfeife are also popular during the Medieval era. Many of these instruments, such as flute and recorder, still held popularity through the Baroque period. Many baroque musical instruments are still widely used today. These instruments include harpsichord, violin, oboe, timpani, and guitar.

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